Who am I

  • Name:
    • Joyee Cheung (Cantonese)
    • Qiuyi Zhang (Mandarin)
    • 张秋怡/張秋怡
    • Just call me Joyee (either JOY-EE or JO-YEE or whatever you want)
  • She/Her.
  • Writes code. Loves open source.
  • Lives in Hangzhou, China.



  • 2012 - 2016: Sun Yat-sen University, Software Engineering.
  • 2015 - 2018: Worked on Node.js stuff at Alibaba Cloud. Also on the Node.js project itself outside my job.
  • 2018 - now: Works on the Node.js project and JavaScript engines at Igalia.
  • Gives talks.


  • Loves food, hiking, visiting local cafes and code/read there.
  • Loves travelling to meet and talk with people, even though I hate long flights.